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Modelling is more than just a job. In fact it is more of a lifestyle.In order to be a model you need to be able to live the whole lifestyle that comes with it, the two are not mutually exclusive.


I have found travel to be a major part of successful modelling. Clients want to shoot with the models most in demand - the flavour of the month, who have proven themselves in various markets overseas. London, Paris and New York are the markets with the most status. Working overseas will increase your client base, your experience as a model, and your professional reputation. By not being open to international travel will most likely hinder your potential success and it can mean becoming stagnant in a particular market.


 Almost a distant memory, are the days when clients loved the skinny models who smoked, drank excessively and barely ate. Today clients want to use the models who are fit, toned and glowing with inner health. You can see this easily just by looking at who the influencers are in the modelling world. It's all about vegan/wholefood/gluten-free fresh meals. Loni Jane has an amazing ebook called 'Feel the Lean' it's a great place to get started OR hit up your local bookstore for some whole food cook books. Your agent, and your body will thank you for it. Trust me you'll not only start to look better you will feel a million times better.


With the world becoming obsessed with fit toned bodies, it is important to have a healthy active lifestyle to keep up with the industry. I find it is best to do the types of exercises that create long lean toned muscles and that increase flexibility. I promise you that being flexible will help you out on shoots. Sometimes just being able to touch your toes will make your shoot go all the more smoothly. PLUS this opens you up to shooting activewear and yoga labels.

Some exercises that create long lean muscle are:YogaPilatesBarreJogging/RunningSkipping & Swimming just to name a few


I have found that the most important thing you need in this job is confidence. I have had many harsh, hurtful things said to my face whilst at castings or jobs and I have had times where it has really upset me. This is a job where you are not hired necessarily just because you are a good person, its 90% about appearance. So you will receive criticism about things that you cannot change. If you are very sensitive or upset easily I would think twice about this job. You need a thick skin and strong of self belief. My mantra has always been "If this client doesn't like the way I look, another will." And it has proved to be true. Every season has a new trend; tooth gap, big brows, bleached brows etc.. Sometimes its a matter of waiting until a trend comes around that you can use to your advantage.


Creating social networks is essential for a successful career. As a model you NEED to be very friendly and approachable. It is as important what kind of person you are as much as what you look like. Some models get work purely on the point that people enjoy working with them more than that they have the right look for the label (Yes, this conflicts my last post a little but it's true). Creating good working relationships with people will open up your opportunities and the more people you meet and know, the more doors open for you. This is not really a suitable job for those who have major social anxiety or who don't like to meet new people.

If you have ANY further enquiries about the lifestyle of a Model, don't hesitate to send me an email through my contact page.

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