Primer Review

Primer Review

A primer is a skin preparation product that minimises shine and pores and creates a base for a smoother foundation application, that in turn lasts all day. I gave three different primers a try to see which on of them worked the best for me.


Primer The Original by Australis AUD$14.95


When I tried this primer I noticed it was silicone-free, so it didn't have that silky smooth feeling like the Babyskin-Maybelline product.  I had to use a lot more of this product in order to get my face covered evenly. It did feel moisturising and smoothing on my skin, it also smelt faintly of Sorbolene. This formula is silicone free so it is great for those who have silicone allergies. It comes in a big 40ml bottle which is a good size for the price. I would probably use this with a sheer, natural looking foundation as I felt that it was not smoothing enough for a full coverage foundation.

Available at most Priceline stores and online.

Baby Skin - Instant Pore Eraser by Maybelline $15.95


Baby skin is a silicone based primer that comes in this gorgeous little light blue bottle, its 20ml per bottle which about half as much as the Australis primer, but a little goes a long way with this product. It's taken me a few times to get the amount right (I usually squeeze out too much!) but I have finally got there. This baby skin primer is instantly smoothing and gives your skin a silky soft feel and it sort of mattes and blurs out everything just a little. The perfect base for a medium to full coverage foundation although it is probably too heavy for a sheer coverage foundation or tinted moisturiser.

Available at most Priceline stores and any other chemists or beauty stores that stock Maybelline. This one tends to be super popular, so if you see it be sure to buy a few. If you can't find it in store try getting it online.

Soft Focus Smoothing Primer by Mecca Cosmetica AUD$40.00


I got this tube of the Mecca Primer sample for free when I last went shopping at Mecca in Melbourne. The actual product size is 45ml (this image is of a sample size). I really like Mecca Cosmetica's branding, all their products are very minimalist and chic. This product has a lovely light scent, like expensive moisturiser and although it contains Silica, it is not heavily silicone based product. It is very softening and smoothing, theres no excess product left on the skin after application and its a great base for your makeup. You use a bit more product than the 'Baby Skin', but less than the 'PRIMER The Original'. I really love this product for everyday use.

Available online from or available in store from Mecca Cosmetica.

So whats the verdict?

They were all pretty good. I would have to admit that the 'Australis' primer was my least favourite of the 3. Although that being said it is a really good option for anyone who wants a silicone-free option.

I really love the 'Maybelline Baby Skin' for use on special occasions when I want to wear a full face of makeup that's a bit heavier than my day to day. For me it is just a bit too heavy for day to day wear.

My favourite has to be the primer by 'Mecca Cosmetica'. This primer appealed to me most because it was nicely scented, is aesthetically pleasing and has a nice application that is not too full for everyday wear.


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