A Chat with... Model Couple .... Georgia and Umberto

A Chat with... Model Couple .... Georgia and Umberto

In the best of cases having a relationship can be a lot of work. Yes rewarding, but still work. Now imagine having a long distance relationship from opposite sides of the world, where your partners job involves them shooting in a sometimes intimate or flirtatious manner. Now, that would be even more work. Models can bounce in and out of long distance relationships but Georgia and Umberto seem to have mastered it.

After 2 years together in a committed relationship they are still going strong and are as happy as ever. I spoke with them about how they met and their top tips for having a successful, long distance relationship.

Georgia Bess
Age: 24
Based in Adelaide.
Agencys : MA Finesse Models Australia, Scene Models Melbourne, Wilhelmina Models Tokyo, Will Mgmt Seoul, 2morrow Models Milan, Ford Models LA, Elite Models Stockholm.

Instagram: @georgiabess92

Umberto Manca
Age: 22
Based in Milan.
Agency: Independent Management Milan.

Instagram: @umberto_manca


How did you become a model and how old were you?

U: I became a model when I was almost 19 years old, at that time I was living in Milan to study and my grandmother, who was a model in her twenties, proposed me to go meet some agencies and I was a bit afraid at first and didn't wanted to go. After I talked with the boss of my mother agency ( Independent ) I felt more relaxed and it's been a really good decision to start modelling so far.

G: 1: I first started modeling when I was 18. I entered a modeling competition for Finesse models Australia in 2010 and signed with them. I started working internationally in 2011 with my first overseas modeling trip to Paris and then Milan. 

How did you two meet?

U: I met Georgia at a shooting more than 2 years ago, it was for an Italian soccer team official products. She was really shy and embarrassed even though she doesn't look like in the photos. Haha!

G: Umberto and I met at a photoshoot in Milan in 2014 for an Italian brand called Enzo Castellano. We had a connection from the very beginning and never expected to fall in love and be in a long distance relationship. Now 2 years later, here we are and I couldn’t be happier. 

What are the benefits of dating another model?

U: The benefits of both being models are first of all the fact of both understanding what the model life is, lots of the time our work is misunderstood and people do not understand that it is much harder than what it seems. It's a job where self-confidence is really important to be successful and being a model couple can help with cheering each other up and building confidence together. In my opinion it's easier than having to build confidence by yourself, plus cheering the partner when things are not working really well at work and for the fact that we can both understand how modelling works and we know how to help each other psychologically. Another helpful thing is that we can promote each other with clients and both work for the same clients.

G: One of the benefits of dating another model is that we both know what it's like. We can support each and give advice to each other and we know it's just work. 

For example: dating someone who isn’t a model is hard. They get jealous if you do a lingerie or bikini jobs or working with other male models and visa versa. They don’t understand its work. Where as dating a model we both understand that it’s a job and nothing more. 

What is it like having such a long distance relationship?

U: A long distance relationship is really hard! Sometimes you say goodbye at the airport even not knowing when you'll meet the next time, so it really has to be worth it and if you can deal with such a long distance it means that it worth it and it's really satisfying! But yeah lots of phone, chatting and the time difference is really frustrating!

G: Being in a long distance relationship is hard but worth it. Umbe is one of the best guys I have ever met and he is 1oo% worth the wait, it is actually really easy with him. We talk every day on whatsapp and skype when ever we get the chance. It’s a bit hard with the time difference with him being in Italy and me in Australia but we make it work. We miss each other like crazy but when we are reunited again its amazing. We continue to grow stronger and stronger in our relationship. 

Your best tips for maintaining a long distance relationship?

U: To maintain a long distance relationship I think it's really important to make plans for the future together and try to stay connected with the same plans because you need compatibility with the partner or it's gonna be really hard! Obviously talk every day, try to find time for Skype or a phone call, and with Georgia we send each other lots of photos during the day and keep each other updated about what we are doing. Thanks internet!

G: The best tips I could give for being in a long distance relationship would be: trusting each other, talking every day, Skype, being patient, making time for each other. 

Best place for a romantic getaway?

U: I think the best place is Rome ( my hometown 😉). It's where the word romantic comes from haha, we have been there twice together and always discovered new spots. Georgia loves Rome and I'm really glad about it. I think a proper back up could be Venice, we have never been there together but we definetly keep it as a romantic plan for the future.

G: Umberto and I both love the seaside. So it doesn’t matter where we are as long as its near the beach and we are together. We have a special spot in Adelaide that we had many romantic picnics at, watching the sunset and drinking wine. 

What are your plans for the next twelve months?

U: I still have a year left to finish university and in October I wanna go back to uni in Rome, my agency proposed me to go to china so I'm still thinking about what to do. Uni can wait and modelling opportunities can't in my opinion. I hope I will have time to be in Milan for winter fashion week (exams time too ) and hopefully go around Bali and Australia during Christmas time to spend a few weeks with Georgia.

G: In the next 12 months I plan on going on some new adventures. Hopefully I'll be going back to Korea for a couple of months. I'll be meeting my Ford family and going over to L.A. I’ll definitely be going to Milan or Italy to see my other half and probably try London. ( But I need to find an agency first. )

How do you deal with each other shooting with other models without getting jealous?

U: That can happen in modelling lots of times and you can deal with it having faith because in my opinion jealousy and long distance doesn't really fit together. Sometimes I have been a tiny bit jealous because it's what happens when you really love someone, but I had to hold tight and pretend everything was alright and be cool with it for the good of the relationship. Haha. 

G: Like I said in one if the earlier questions its all about trust. If I didn’t have 100% trust with him I would probably be jealous. Being in a long distance relationship is so easy with him, even thought he is on the other side of the world he makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive.  He is one of the most amazing guys and I love and trust him with all my heart.

What has been your favourite moment together so far?

U: Everyday is a good moment together :) it's hard for me to choose one in particular. I really enjoyed last Valentines day in Australia together, we set up a picnic at sunset, on top of a cliff in Hallet Cove, South Oz and it was only us two around with candles, wine and yummy food. It was really cool and romantic, definitely one of the best moments. :)

G:  Probably one of my favorite moments with Umbe was when he came to Australia for Christmas. He met all my family and got to see where I grew up. We went on so many cute dates all over Adelaide, and have an amazing spot that is just ours. Also this summer in Italy,   after working for 2 months, I had all of august off. I went to a beautiful island Umbe spent a lot of time at as a child called Sardinia, had lazy relaxing days at the beach. It was amazing and such a beautiful place. I also went to Spain to meet his mother and step-family. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

U: Married with two kids, lots of pets, living in a house on the beach, surfing in the morning, with a cool job and as much time as possible to spend doing cool things with the family. Beach life, dream life!

G: Hopefully in 10 years time Umberto and I will be married and living by the seaside either in italy or Australia with little Umbertos and Georgias running around. I hope we would have both had successful modelling careers and end up having a career in something else (no idea what at this point in time) haha. 

It only goes to show that having a long distance relationship can work out if you are committed and work at it. 

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