Kitchen Gadgets That Might Be Worth Taking On Your Next Trip

Kitchen Gadgets That Might Be Worth Taking On Your Next Trip

I bet you wouldn't think of packing these kitchen utensils in your suitcase, but it might just be worth doing so!


This can be hard to find in some countries. Its almost a sin to use zucchini instead of regular noodles in places like Italy. 

Great for anyone who loves a bowl of zoodles as a low calories option to the traditional spaghetti. 

Bag clips

These little bag clips are such a simple tools but they can make all the difference in keeping your food fresh while you travel.




Zip lock bags

Zip lock bags are not as popular across the world as they are in Western countries. Pack a box of them for your next trip just to be safe. These bags are good for packing a lunch on set, for snacks during a day of castings or for dividing bigger bags of food. 

Egg Timer

These egg timers are compact and can come in handy if you like boiled eggs. It really takes out the task of setting a timer or simple guessing how well cooked your eggs are. Best part? They are small and therefore very easy to take with you to wherever you go!

Egg Poacher

Poaching eggs can be hard, but with one of these little gadgets it can be a bit easier for a rookie egg poacher like me. A super compact size and made of flexible silicone, these are a breeze to pack into your suitcase. 




Consider taking a lunchbox ( if you have a fancy one) like a bento box, if you intend on  packing your lunches to take to jobs. Finding a suitable lunchbox can be a timely exercise and good ones tend to be expensive. If you like cheap plastic tupperware boxes with a single compartment then you won't need to take any with you as these are generally valuable anywhere that you travel to.

Water Bottle

Depending on your preferences, if you prefer a BPA free plastic or an insulated aluminium bottle then bring your own with you. They can be hard to find in some countries.

I have one of these 'Swell' bottles on my wishlist for Christmas!


Do you ever pack any random kitchen utensils when you go overseas? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

|Disclaimer: I am not associated with ANY brands mentioned in this post. I just like the products mentioned. Images are NOT my own. All images sourced from|

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A chat with ... Photographer, Dave Blake

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